Enjoy The Best Tea with ARISSTO TeaPresso

Enjoy The Best Tea with ARISSTO TeaPresso

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Traditional Tea Culture Is Gradually Declining

Tea culture began in China over 300 years ago. Tea has always been made with boiling water throughout history but we’ve finally worked out the complexity of the process. We learned that it takes a precise temperature, brewing time, along with the highest quality tea and water to make an exquisite cup of tea. Traditional tea culture is seen as dated by the new generation and has caused a gradual decline in popularity.

The New Brewing Technology – ARISSTO TeaPresso

ARISSTO Tea is inspired by the high-pressured steam technology found in the making of espressos and combines the use of capsule technologies to create TeaPresso. It intelligently simplifies and condenses the intricate art of tea-making so that everyone can brew the most stunning cup of tea anytime, anywhere.

TeaPresso Is Far Better Than Brewing Tea Bags

The new ARISSTO TeaPresso seals tea leaves into patented capsules that help preserve its freshness. Insert a tea capsule into the ARISSTO Capsule Machine, press the button and 19 bars of pressurized steam will be injected into the tea capsule to release the tea essence in 30 seconds. And there you go an exquisite cup of tea without any of the bitterness. It’s ready instantly and is far better than brewing standard tea bags.

High Quality Tea Leaves Are The Soul Of ARISSTO Tea

ARISSTO tea experts travelled across China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Turkey to carefully handpick a selection of high-quality teas and added European fruits, flowers and herbs to create a premium tea collection that offers relaxing properties with refreshing spins. Our unique blends include Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Rose Black Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea.

Revive The Art Of Tea

The tea brewed using ARISSTO’s high-pressured steam technology is particularly rich in flavour. Consider adding honey, milk, ice cubes, herbs or fresh fruits into our full-bodied teas. You can also combine with other ARISSTO capsules to create a variety of tea beverages. Enjoy modern tea tasting experience and the colourful modern tea culture with ARISSTO Tea.

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