The Best Antivirus Rescue Disks

The Virus Rescue disks are a useful tool that can be used to check for malware when your antivirus program is no longer functioning. They are available from several antivirus vendors, and they’re easy to use. Users can modify how the program monitors the system.

Some offer a familiar desktop environment, whereas others offer users a collection of free tools. Kaspersky’s Rescue Disk for example, is powered by Xfce Linux and includes Firefox, Thumar File Manager, and a couple of other applications which are useful for various reasons. The rescue disk also comes with the ability to select specific files to scan with the service, or specify if you would like it to skip files that exceed an amount of size.

Other rescue disks are less sophisticated, including Trend Micro’s, which does not come with a graphic interface and requires you to navigate with arrow keys. The simple rescue disc is able to make up for the lack of features by being small and displaying a solid track record of the detection of malware during AV-Comparatives’s real-world tests of protection.

For those looking for a more user-friendly product should consider ESET’s SysRescue Live that has one of the most well-designed and polished interfaces on this list. It’s based on the same antivirus engine that is used in the company’s full-featured software, and its interface is graphical, offering numerous options to choose from, such as a smart or custom scan, setting exclusions and the option of running a deep or quick scan.