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Mama Lim Calendula...

7 eCash + RM32.00-17%
or RM39
MAMA LIM Calendula Lotion Suitable for dry – extra dry skin,sensitive skin, young skin Essence Free Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, calendula

Mama Lim Calendula...

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or RM15
Handmade with natural ingredients. Good for diapers rash, skin allergic, repair damaged skin. Ingredients: Calendula infused oil, sweet almond oil,

Mama Lim Avocado...

4 eCash + RM20.00-16%
or RM24
MAMA LIM Avocado Goat Milk Soap Free Soap Net This soap is too moisturizing, not suitable as a face wash

Mama Lim Sandalwood...

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or RM30
MAMA LIM Sandalwood Soap️ Free Soap Net In order to let the sandalwood soap not only retain the taste of

Mama Lim Mugwort...

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or RM24.90
MAMA LIM Mugwort Soap Free Soap Net Mugwort dispels dampness.Mugwort has become the best choice for handmade soap because of

Mama Lim Candle...

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or RM21.90
MAMA LIM Candle Bush Herbal Soap/ Sabun Daun Gelenggan Free Soap Net Suitable for body bath, face wash, dry-sensitive, itchy

Mama Lim Neem...

5 eCash + RM18.90-20%
or RM23.90
MAMA LIM Neem Herbal Soap Free Soap Net Handmade soap with neem oil and neem leaf powder. MAMA LIM Neem