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1.Experts have confirmed that drinking chemical instant coffee for prolonged periods would bring harm to human health. Which of the following ingredients in chemical coffee is harmful to our health? 专家证实长期喝化学即溶咖啡,不利于人体健康,以下那项是化学即溶咖啡不利身体健康的化学成分?
2. Which of the following are health risks that experts have confirmed when you drink chemical instant coffee for prolonged periods? 以下哪项是专家们证实长期喝化学即溶咖啡会为您带来的健康风险?
3.What is the main ingredient of ARISSTO Natural Coffee? ARISSTO天然咖啡的主要成分是?
4. Scientists in more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe & United States have proven that Natural Coffee brings about many health benefits to the human body. Which of the following are the health benefits associated with drinking natural coffee? 超过20个国家,包括英国、欧洲,美国科学家已经证明天然咖啡对人体有很多健康益处,以下哪项是天然咖啡带给我们的健康有益?
5.What is the greatest benefit of ARISSTO Natural Coffee | ZEROLUTION Plan to our consumers? ARISSTO天然咖啡|ZEROLUTION 零花钱计划,为客户创造最大的价值是什么?
6.How much of eCash can you earn with every RM10 spent on ARISSTO ZEROLUTION Plan? 您以ARISSTO ZEROLUTION 零花钱计划消费,每消费RM10,还可以额外赚到什么?
7.How many products can you currently purchase at ARISSTO Beautiful Life eMall with ARISSTO eCash? 目前您可以使用ARISTO eCash电子现金,在ARISTO Beautiful Life eMall选购多少项产品?
8.Is ARISSTO the first brand in the coffee market to launch the ZEROLUTION Pocket Money consumption plan? ARISSTO 是咖啡市场上第1个 推出ZEROLUTION 零花钱消费计划的品牌?
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