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(Pre-order) Musang King...

38 eCash + RM110.00-25%
or RM148
Last Order Date : 13/09/2023 Self Collection @ NEPHQ, South City The Best Choice for this year’s Mid Autumn Festival

Eu Yan Sang...

50 eCash + RM138.00-26%
or RM188
Last Order 13/09/2023 Not applicable ship to East Malaysia Product expiry date: 20/10/2023 GIFT SET INCLUSIVE OF: – 6 Mooncake

Biotta Pomegranate 500ml...

19.80 eCash + RM53.00-27%
or RM72.8
Meriah Raya Gift Set

EYS Kang Du...

10 eCash + RM35.00-22%
or RM45
Traditionally used to strengthen the body and help prevent common cold.

EYS Gold Label...

22 eCash + RM76.00-22%
or RM98
  Are you having “Qi” & blood deficiency? From TCM’s perspective, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular diets and lack of exercise can

EYS Brazilian Green...

90 eCash + RM209.00-30%
or RM299
Propolis the immune system of the hive and protects the hive from infection.   Natural ingredients, Multiple effects! Propolis is