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Buffalo KWT04 Toros...

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or RM648.00
Toros Zisha Stew Pot 100% PURPLE CLAY INNER POT & LIDS • Made from natural purple clay under 1300˚c heat-treated. • No additional chemical coating • Non-toxic & chemical reaction • Unleaded, free from cadmium PFOA & PTFE HIGH EFFICIENT HEATONG ELEMENT WITH SUSPENSION STRUCTIRE • For rapid & even heating transmission TOUCH SENSOR CONTROL OANEL WITH LED DISPLAY • 12 cooking modes • 12 hours preset time DOUBLE-WALLED INSULATION HOUDING • Efficient heat capture ANTI-OVERFLOW DOUBLE LIDS DESIGN LID COVER WITH ANTI-SCALD HANDLE

Diamond Plus D201...

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or RM680
  • Hot & Warm water
  • Safe and convenient
  • Healthy Water
  • Easy Installation
  • Warm Water Tank Capacity - 7.3 liter
  • Hot Water Tank Capacity - 2.3 Liter
  • Weight - 5.6 kg
  • Warm Water Temperature -30-35°C
  • Hot Water Temperature - 85-95°C (max)
  • Heater Power - 500w

Bear Air Fryer...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store 1.Concealed heating tube 2.[20L expansion, 8-inch cake can be baked] [hot air + water bath baking, 12 smart menus, adjustable from 26-230 degrees] [hidden heating tube, no tube restrictions, double-layer baking with easy cleaning 3.Brand: Bear 4.Model: BSO-P200L 5.Capacity range: 11L (inclusive) -20L (inclusive) 6.Color classification: pink 7.Control method: computer type 8.Style: vertical 9.Temperature control method: independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes 10.Intelligent type: does not support intelligence 11.Power: 1300W 12.Capacity: 20L 13.Temperature control method: integrated temperature adjustment 14.Applicable number: 1-2 15.Number of heating tubes: 3 or less 16.Appearance: horizontal 17.Control method: computer menu 18.Features: steaming and roasting, hot air circulation 19.Liner material: galvanized sheet 20.Category: steam oven

Bear Power Mixer...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Automatic Dough Mixer (5L) SJJ-B10Q1 Dough Mixer ------------ 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️Way of placement : Desktop ✔️File position : 6 gear ✔️Function : knead dough ,beat the eggs,stirring ✔️Function: Beat the egg, batter, cream ✔️Placement: Desktop

Diamond Coral Water...

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or RM799
  • Power Voltage: 220V-240V / 50Hz
  • Rated Consuming Power: 2200watt
  • Product Size: 338mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 377mm (H)
  • Standby Power: <2 watt
  • Product Weight: 5 kg
  • Hot Water: ≥85°C
  • Hot Water Yield: Hot water 350-450cc/per min
  • Warm Water: 45°C-55°C
  • Warm Water Yield: Warm water > 450cc/per min
  • Recommended environment: 5°C-38°C

Buffalo BY07 Yadeng...

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Buffalo 32CM S/S FLAT BOTTOM WOK &amp; FOC STEAMER – Functional wok – SUS304 Stainless steel Material – Heavy duty

Buffalo BY08 Yadeng...

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Water Capacity :4L Diameter: 35 Product size : 36cm x 21cm x 49cm Weight : Depth: 10cm – Functional wok

Bear Hot &...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Malaysia 3-Pin Plug Products include cold cup and hot cup with 2 cups. Functions: Soybean milk, supplementary food, soup, juice, grinding, ice sand, rice paste 12h appointment time Cold cup: 1.5L capacity, food contact available, free of bisphenol Hot cup: 1.2L, high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance of 150 degrees Celsius. Intelligent broken wall boiling, food cooked evenly. Bear Multifunctional High-speed Blender PBJ-B10N1 /smart blender 1.5L/juicer /soybean Milk maker/household reservation heating broken food machine Meat grinder Mixer food supplement /Intelligent broken wall boiling