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Bear Multi Cooker...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Multi Cooker BMC-W12L Portable ------------ 🤔Why us? ✔️Homogenous Heating - Slow cook, reducing sticky cook. Thicken cooking base. To prevent uneven fast cook. ✔️Anti-Scald & Portable - Humanized handle design (12.5cm) ✔️Auto Cut Off Safety Switch - 360 Cordless Base - Detachable easy to clean ✔️Washable under tap water - no component attached ✔️Rotary Control Knob - easy to control - High heat 500 W - Low heat 250 W 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️Multi purpose ✔️Homogenous heating ✔️Adjustable power ✔️SUS304 stainless steel ✔️Thicken cooking base ✔️Non-stick Easy to clean ✔️Extended handle ✔️Detachable ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug 🔻 Specifications: ⚙️ Brand: Bear Malaysia ⚙️ Voltage: 220V - 240V ⚙️ Power: 270W ⚙️ Frequency: 50-60Hz ⚙️ Capacity: 1.2 L

Buffalo KWT04 Toros...

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Toros Zisha Stew Pot 100% PURPLE CLAY INNER POT & LIDS • Made from natural purple clay under 1300˚c heat-treated. • No additional chemical coating • Non-toxic & chemical reaction • Unleaded, free from cadmium PFOA & PTFE HIGH EFFICIENT HEATONG ELEMENT WITH SUSPENSION STRUCTIRE • For rapid & even heating transmission TOUCH SENSOR CONTROL OANEL WITH LED DISPLAY • 12 cooking modes • 12 hours preset time DOUBLE-WALLED INSULATION HOUDING • Efficient heat capture ANTI-OVERFLOW DOUBLE LIDS DESIGN LID COVER WITH ANTI-SCALD HANDLE

Vees Delicooker –...

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Bear Baby Cooker...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Baby Cooker BBC-P08L ------------ 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️8-hour Automatic Insulation ✔️Three-Stage Parenting Feeding ✔️Ideal for soup and porridge cooking ✔️High temperature resistant ceramic liner ✔️Electric operation, energy and time saving ✔️With a temperature probe to prevent porridge overflow 🔻 Specifications: ⚙️ Brand: Bear Malaysia ⚙️ Capacity: 0.8L ⚙️ Power: 250W ⚙️ Scheduled Timing

Bear Bread Toaster

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Model: BT-G02 Rated Voltage: 220V -/ 50Hz Rated Power: 730W Color: Morning Mist Green Rated Capacity: 2PCS Size: 285 x 160 x185mm Solid Metal Appearance 6 Level Baking Mode Dual Sided Baking Thaw Function Anti-Jamming Function Simply to Use Fast Heating Thaw and Reheat Removable Bread Rumbs Cassette"

Bear Smart Stand...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Egg Beater DDQ-B03V1 (4L) Mixer ------------ 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️4L large capacity 9 speed control spin type batter pot ✔️Microcomputer control, 9-speed speed regulation, desktop + handheld dual mode, egg/face/stirring multifunction, 4L stainless steel mixing drum, automatic rotation ✔️Gear position: 7 or more ✔️Function: Beat the egg, batter, cream ✔️Placement: Desktop 🔻 Specifications: ⚙️ Brand: Bear Malaysia ⚙️ Voltage: 240V ⚙️ Power: 300W ⚙️ Frequency: 50Hz ⚙️ Capacity: 4L

Bear Yogurt &...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store 8 Pre-set Menu; Double Glass Container; Patented Pressure Release Design; 304 Stainless Steel Inner Wall; Microcomputer Control" 100 Mesh Filter. Model: BYEM-W20L Colour: White Automatic power-off: Not support Timing function: Support timing function Capacity: Storage Jug 1.3L + Production Jug 2.0 Control Method: Microcomputer Touch Screen Control Product size (mm): 205*205*205 Power (W): 20W Product net weight (kg): 1.9kg Frequency (Hz): 50hz Voltage (V): 220v

Bear Multi Cooker...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Electric Hot Pot BMC-G25L ------------ 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️Electric Heating/Hot Pot Function: Steaming, Boiling, Stewing, Braising ✔️Multi-purpose Machine: ✔️Non-stick Cooking Frying Pan ✔️Stainless Steel 304 Steamer ✔️Multilevel Structure - Can be serve directly on the table ✔️Soaked and washed allow. Lighten ✔️Two tranches of firepower - easy to adjust the firepower during cooking 🔻 Specifications: ⚙️ Brand: Bear Malaysia ⚙️ Pot Capacity: 2.5L ⚙️ Pot Diameter: 20cm ⚙️ Power: 700W ⚙️ Control Method: Mechanical ⚙️ Colour Type: Green ⚙️ Style: Split Structure ⚙️ Pot Mouth Specifications: 20cm and below ⚙️ Additional Features: Power Off and Water washing

Bear Smart Rice...

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🐻 BEAR Official Store Bear Smart Rice Cooker BRC-GW30L ------------ 🔻Product Highlights: ✔️Malaysia 3-Pin Plug ✔️2mm Thickness: 5 layers spherical pot to cook rice evenly ✔️Double Protection: Prevent overflow, keep the nutrition in the pot accurate sensor, real-time adjustment of the temperature in the pot, built in anti overflow thermostat ✔️Detachable Cover: Easy for cleaning ✔️Intelligent Fuzzy Control: built with NTC sensor & intelligent fuzzy control ensure best cook result. 🔻 Specifications: ⚙️ Brand: Bear Malaysia ⚙️ Capacity: 1.5L (Suitable for 3 -5 Persons) ⚙️ Smart Sensor: Intelligent Temperature Control ⚙️ Smart Program: 8 Cooking Menu ⚙️ Rated Voltage: 220 - 240V ⚙️ Power: 600 - 715W ⚙️ Color: Green