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EYS Brazilian Green...

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Propolis the immune system of the hive and protects the hive from infection.   Natural ingredients, Multiple effects! Propolis is

EYS Capsules of...

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ARE YOU EXPERIENCING ENERGY CRISIS? Always feeling sluggish after waking up in the morning? Not having enough time to rest

EYS Waist Tonic...

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Traditionally used for relieving waist ache, backache, muscular pain and strengthening the body.   MAL16070017T INGREDIENTS: Cortex Eucommia Ulmoides, Radix

EYS Gold Label...

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  Are you having “Qi” & blood deficiency? From TCM’s perspective, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular diets and lack of exercise can

EYS American Ginseng...

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Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body, relieving body heatiness and fatigue.

Biotta Pomegranate 500ml...

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Meriah Raya Gift Set


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Propolis and Honey Vinegar helps to keep the body healthy and strong! As propolis is full of flavonoids, it helps to fortify the body’s immune system. Combined with the goodness of honey vinegar, it also helps to prevent obesity as it lowers fat absorption while promoting healthy appetite and digestion.


15 eCash + RM50.00-23%
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Delicious and nutritious, Honey & Apple Vinegar is a great way to keep your body weight and health in check. Other known benefits of this vinegar are helping to relieve constipation and improve the immune profile. Here is a vinegar that will help revitalize the skin and rejuvenate your health, while keeping you mentally sharp and alert.

EYS Bu Qi...

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Traditionally used for relief of indigestion, flatulence, mild diarrhea and loss of appetite. This is a Traditional Medicine. Please consult

EYS Kang Du...

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Traditionally used to strengthen the body and help prevent common cold.

Biotta Cranberry Juice...

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Prevent bladder and urinary tract infection.