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Mageline Fairy Eye...

44 eCash + RM271.00-13%
or RM315
Innovative Multi-Effect Eye Gel-Cream, 1 bottle repairs 7 skin problems around eye areas. Triple yeast essence, 8 kinds of active

Mageline Skin Repair...

44 eCash + RM271.00-13%
or RM315
Repairs damaged skin and soothes sensitive skin. It has magical effect towards repeated acne vulgaris, damaged skin after cosmetic laser

Mageline Yeast Essence...

61 eCash + RM386.00-13%
or RM447
This award winning (Harper’s Bazaar Best Essence Lotion Award) deep hydrating lotion with 150 million rich yeast extract effectively helps

Mageline Strong Multi-Effect...

61 eCash + RM386.00-13%
or RM447
1. Mageline Multi-Effect Cleanser for Men, 120g Double amino acids formula, mildly cleanses the skin. Skin friendly and not irritating.

Mageline Reverse Time...

70 eCash + RM423.00-14%
or RM493
Mageline Reverse Time Essence is the result of an extensive R&D, where it is formulated to repair damaged skin cells

Mageline Reverse Time...

78 eCash + RM442.00-15%
or RM520
7-day Anti-Aging and Anti-Gravity Cream for Firmer and Smoother Skin. 117 Innovative anti-aging technology. Cell rejuvenation powerhouse, energises skin for

Mageline Brightening Instant...

81 eCash + RM484.00-14%
or RM565
Mageline Brightening Instant Glow Serum [Mageline Snow White Serum] Brighten and even out skin tone in 2 weeks’ time to

Mageline Noble Lady...

107 eCash + RM681.00-13%
or RM788
A natural brightening tone-up cream with beauty-filter-like effects that nourishes skin internally and beautifies externally, leaving skin brightened, delicate, smooth

Mageline Youth Essence...

115 eCash + RM723.00-13%
or RM838
The essence of rare plants to dilute melanin in the deeper layer of skin, improve micro blood circulation, leaving the

Mageline Multi-Functional Beauty...

179 eCash + RM1,121.00-13%
or RM1300
Double Award Winnings Home Beauty Tool – Mageline Multi-Functional Beauty Instrument — Mageline “Beauty Egg’ Instrument, Firms and Rejuvenates Skin