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Dedicated Development Team: What Is It And When Is It Used?

Also, if you hire a dedicated team, the whole scope of work is clear to you so that no budget overruns will happen. This is a “best of both worlds” combination of the two models we looked at previously. When a corporation is on a restricted budget, an extended team model might bring the most value. If your country’s designer and developer wages are much higher than those in other locations, you may supplement your current team with remote expertise who charge cheaper hourly rates. Let’s say you want to start a vacation rental marketplace but don’t have any back-end development knowledge. To solve this problem, you may hire a full-stack or back-end developer from an IT outsourcing business that specializes in constructing online marketplace systems.

A dedicated development team is a group of programmers that manage long-term software development projects for startups, small enterprises, and big organizations. When speed is crucial, these programmers are not freelancers; they work full-time alongside in-house programmers to design and maintain software. A dedicated team services are the best option for projects without a strictly defined scope. It also means that requirements can be changed during the development process. The main benefit of this model for the customer is the possibility to hire a team with the necessary expertise that can seamlessly work as your own. A dedicated team model allows you to focus on your product’s needs while the developers are working on their tasks.

Provider hires a dedicated team that corresponds to the project requirements. The team together with the client agree on the workload and project requirements for the specified amount of time. All our specialists are trained to keep a strong focus on the client’s business goals and perform with short-term and long-term business objectives in mind.

With a dedicated model, the customer gains complete management control over the project and the team running it. Dedicated teams are usually more cost-efficient than in-house developers, so it is an excellent option to hire a dedicated team if the budget is tight. Working with a dedicated team allows customers to improve the client’s business processes and significantly reduce a product’s time to market. The dedicated developer’s team is a separate unit with its framework and management, not an extension of the customer’s team.

Business analysts build the bridge between software and business processes, delivering data-driven recommendations, determining requirements, and reporting to stakeholders and executives. Back-end developers focus on business rule implementation logic of web services and the data store and work on specific server components of multi-tier software. The chosen technology for your frontend, backend or mobile app platform also has a significant impact. Also, when choosing the tech stack, remember that you will need to maintain and update the product after the launch, so the technology should have a vast developers’ community. Another disadvantage of team extension, which is often overlooked, is a different teamwork experience. Some professionals may be more familiar with agile methodology in a big team, while others have worked as freelancers and never used task trackers.

When to Hire a Dedicated Team – The Checklist

It is used for short-term, small or medium-sized projects with a limited scope, or budget, when there are clear requirements and deadlines or when you need to develop an MVP. Eliminate inter-dependencies so that the development team is not too reliant on your input for their tasks. Supervision of dedicated team is necessary, but micro-management is counter-productive. These are the benefits of having a dedicated team model and exclusive developers for your project. A dedicated team model is very effective for projects that need not grow and evolve over time. Basically, the team can be kept intact and the whole project will shift to another stage with no need to scale the team and set up another team to support the thing.

Business analysts examine project requirements, user data, and analytics before making suggestions to CEOs and corporate owners. The customer and team members work closely together to obtain visible results and achieve a common goal. They communicate daily, participate in brainstorming to improve workflows and long-term planning, assess the process’s weak and strong points. They have already established a routine for delegating tasks and creating polished workflows. If the project starts from scratch, the customer won’t have to deal with conflicts that may arise. Business analysts and product experts help you analyze the market, conduct user research, tests, etc., to build an efficient strategy.

  • A startup wanting to quickly build a development team from scratch?
  • Before diving into outsourcing details, it’s important to clear up with the whole concept.
  • Project requirements and business goals should influence your pick.
  • Determine the terms of cooperation and interview potential team members.
  • The geography of the clients for this service is Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Israel, and others.

Dedicated teams are for long-term, flexible projects, so it is unhelpful both in terms of expenses and human resource use. From the very beginning, the customer independently decides how many people need to be hired for software development. If necessary, customers can add members, as well as reduce or increase the team.


You can understand all the expenses from the start and allocate the rest of the resources for marketing or sales operations. Software development trends don’t stand still, and startups often change the development vector right in the middle of the process. If you’ve decided to add new features or even redesign the project completely, you’ll have to waste more time on the development.

As you now know what dedicated teams are, it’s high time to outline the benefits of this model. Underneath, you can see stages that you go through as a client choosing a tech partner. Many large global companies, including Oracle and Apple, leverage dedicated teams for their projects. A dedicated team is not appropriate for small projects with clear requirements, or fixed-price projects with a limited timeline. A dedicated team is a good choice for long-term projects, complex projects with vague requirements, specific niche products, and promising startups.

Defining the dedicated team model

That is also making one of the various outsourcing models to emerge as more popular than the others. If the work is not managed correctly and there are constant changes and new tasks added to the project, the cost can suddenly grow higher and time-to-market will take forever. Let’s start with the basics and progress to more details about pricing models in software development. Your particular need for a dedicated team is a very individual question. But if you are not completely confident in your abilities, feel free to contact us. We will help you quickly select specialists that fully meet your ultimate goals for a reasonable price.

Dedicated Development Team Model Analyzed

Also, we prepared a weekly report to discuss all achievements and future tasks. It is cheaper to hire a dedicated team than gather a team on your own. The client has to determine the number of employees that are required for his project and which tech skills they should possess. The team is concerned with realizing one project which increases the speed and quality of results. You don’t need to worry about the team being stretched too thin and overworked – they are set on the goal and they are moving towards its realization steadily. The client’s role in the project is more hands-on than in other models.

Defining the dedicated team model

Such a team is like a well-coordinated organism that is inspired by your goals, follows your directions, and will not leave you halfway if something goes wrong. Ensured transparency and flexibility also help avoid numerous risks or issues during software development. When working long-term on a single project, team members are deeply involved in the development process, and better understand project requirements.

The Process Behind the Dedicated Team Model

Hence, their incentive to achieve the best possible result is higher. But not many of them can afford to hire an in-house team of technical specialists to fully develop and maintain such solutions. In most cases, it’s more reasonable to turn to IT outsourcing companies. Time and Materials is an approach in which clients are billed for the time dedicated experts spend developing the product based on an hourly or monthly rate agreed on in the contract. You can also choose a model with developers if you have a clear vision of your project and directly manage the team.

States that the market for global software development outsourcing will grow 7.7 %, year on year from 2021 to 2027, taking the industry to $937 billion revenue in just six years. A lot of companies resort to a dedicated team model of engagement. The dedicated developers have to work on-site at the client’s office in some instances. While for the majority of the time they are working on the vendor site. The client can deem fit to have their project manager for a higher oversight of the team’s activities. So now you know the pros and cons of a dedicated team model for software outsourcing.

When is a dedicated team needed?

You can run processes day and night thanks to different time zones, too. And you can forget about the long and boring search for staff as outsourcing partners will do it. For big longtime projects that constantly evolve, whose requirements are flexible and change frequently, it is effective to hire a dedicated development team. Working on the same project for some time allows the team to grow together. A dedicated team model is a perfect option for projects that constantly change the requirements according to market performance or technological progress.

When business analysts draw up project specifications, no changes can be made during the development. If you’re a resident of the US, Central, Western Europe, or Oceania, it’s doubtful that you’ll find a better value for money. According to PayScale, a senior software engineer in the US charges $64/hour. This price is approximate and depends on technologies this specialist works with.

You will see how cooperation between IT vendor and clients went. The flat-rate model loves well-written and thorough documentation. Of course, you can negotiate with the contractor about anything, but if the project is in full swing, and you decide to turn everything upside down, blame yourself. And keep in mind that the deadline will be overdue, and the release of the project will be delayed. When you work with a new contractor (a pilot project with a fixed estimate can be a great test of a contractor who promises to be your long-term partner). This model is useful for projects where it is difficult to think through everything to the end when it is important to be patient and disciplined.

When looking for a dedicated team for your startup, stick to your business goals. Choose the vendor with relevant experience, rich background, and good client reviews. Pay extra attention to the candidate team’s communication and project management skills. Ensure to verify your future partner’s culture fit and communication match before making your final decision.

The dedicated team model provides businesses with extraordinary benefits. When choosing a dedicated team, all processes are under your control. You can decide what approaches or tools to use, how many team members you need, and what deadlines to set. The most considerable benefit of the DT model is its constant flexibility when adapting to changes in the project’s scope or duration.

It allows the customer and the developers’ team to be in contact and make the management process transparent and effective. A focused approach is one of the most excellent dedicated project team’s advantages. Increased immersion into the project generates much more inventive and diverse insights into the possible solutions and gives an additional focus on the thing.

Speed is another major improvement over the other models of corporations. Because of a more hands-on approach from the client and focused development team, the whole process can proceed at a higher pace than Time & Materials and Extended team . The client has full management control over the project and team, while the dedicated team services are concentrated on providing the best results.

This team is officially employed by your tech vendor and, in most cases, works exclusively on your project. These specialists are chosen according to the demands of the client for their experience and skillsets. The client may decide to manage the team from his or her side, or to assign the service provider’s project manager to coordinate the communication process. ‍A dedicated development team is a business model in software development that refers to the long-term collaboration between a client and a service provider . All dedicated team members are working exclusively for you, the same as your in-house teams. However, the dedicated team usually works remotely, full-time, reporting directly to the client.

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