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Name/姓名: NRIC No/身份证号码:
1. Your application to participate in the AFOESI Plan has been successful. ARISSTO’s Founder – Dato’ Lim Chang Huat would like to extend his sincere gratitude on your incredible efforts and continuous support towards ARISSTO.
您申请参与 ARISSTO 创始人原始股权激励 AFOESI 计划已经被接受。ARISSTO 创始人—拿督的 Lim Chang Huat 衷心感谢您对 ARISSTO 的支持与付出。2. As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude for your support of ARISSTO through the participation in the AFOESI Plan, the ARISSTO Founder will reward you for your dedicated efforts to the company with a transfer of ___________________ of his personal ARISSTO Shares to you upon the successful listing of ARISSTO (‘AFOESI Shares’).
为了感谢您对 ARISSTO 的支持与付出,ARISSTO 创始人将在 ARISSTO 成功上市(“AFOESI 股票”)后,将其价值:___________ 的个人ARISSTO 股票转让给您,以作为奖励。3. In order to further work together to encourage achieving greater success with ARISSTO, the ARISSTO Founder will further reward you with additional AFOESI Shares if ARISSTO achieves the goal of exceeding the value of RM1 billion market capitalisation value upon listing with the rewards plan as below:
为了与您一起共同合作达成 ARISSTO 更大的成功目标,如 ARISSTO 成功在上市时达到 10 亿令吉以上的市值目标,ARISSTO 创始人将为您提供额外的 AFOESI 股权奖励,奖励计划如下:
Achieved market capitalisation target of ARISSTO/ 达到 ARISSTO 上市的市值目标Additional AFOESI Rewards/ 额外的 AFOESI 股权奖励
RM1.5 billion and not exceeding RM2.0 billion/ 15 亿令吉以上,不超过 20 亿令吉市值50%
RM2.0 billion and not exceeding RM3.0 billion/ 20 亿令吉以上,不超过 30 亿令吉市值100%
RM3.0 billion and not exceeding RM4.0 billion/ 30 亿令吉以上,不超过 40 亿令吉市值200%
RM4.0 billion and not exceeding RM5.0 billion/ 40 亿令吉以上,不超过 50 亿令吉市值300%
RM5.0 billion and not exceeding RM6.0 billion/ 50 亿令吉以上,不超过 60 亿令吉市值400%
More than RM6.0 billion/ 60 亿令吉市值以上500%


4. The Founder of ARISSTO once again thanks you for your support and effort towards ARISSTO. Let us work together to achieve the goal of making ARISSTO a listed company worth more than RM1 billion.
ARISSTO 创始人再次衷心感谢您对 ARISSTO 的支持。让我们共同合作实现让 ARISSTO 成为一家价值超过 10 亿令吉的上市企业的目标。 
 Dato' Lim Chang Huat
ARISSTO Founder/创办人