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2.5 eCash + RM20.00-11%
or RM22.5
Extremely Hot chili sauce, 200% hotter than the general chili sauce sold in market, it is the first choice for

Formhill GINGER LEMON...

6 eCash + RM51.00-10%
or RM57
Ginger Lemon is pungent and slightly warm, and lemon is vitamin C, The combination of the two can be antibacterial,

Formhill HONEY LIME...

6 eCash + RM48.00-11%
or RM54
Honey Lime it is mainly made of calamansi, sugar , salt and honey, which can promote body fluid and quench

Formhill O-LIMAU (3...

5.4 eCash + RM45.00-10%
or RM50.4
O-Limau traditional ancient recipes, pure natural healthy drinks, no preservatives, coloring and artificial flavors. Ingredients : Calamansi, Chrysanthemum, Licorice, Tangerine

Formhill THAI SWEET...

2.5 eCash + RM17.00-12%
or RM19.5
Thai Sweet & Sour chili sauce, Thai style, sweet and sour, spicy, good news for those who like hot and


2.5 eCash + RM20.00-11%
or RM22.5
Universal Special chili sauce, garlic andspicy, suitable for cooking any food, mixing and frying. Main Ingredients: Chili, Garlic, Sugar, Salt,